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The Prehistoric Magnesium Oil lasts a long time. I apply it everyday and swish it in my mouth after brushing my teeth. Just had my teeth cleaned and the hygienist is impressed with the health of my gums. Mg is great stuff.
There’s another health change that I experienced and is documented. My calcium deposits in my Prostate had remarkably reduced. The only change was using Prehistoric Magnesiium Oil and Thyroid Nascent Iodine. The MD Oncologist was impressed. Had never seen this before. He said that, “you cannot do this with diet”. Typically, he didn’t ask how I did it. Witnesses to this were Dr. Harold Ravins and another associate Graham Wallace.
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Dan Oelkers
Coach Prostate90



I received my order very quickly. The purchasing process was simple. The product is amazing and has helped me and my family become much healthier, more focused and relaxed. I would definately recommend this seller and their products to anyone, their products are fantastic and I look forward to purchasing from them in the future.

Tesha Hanson


Fast shipping and well packaged these products are part of my new nutrition plan and I am looking forward to working with this company again

C A Taliaferro


I have recently started swishing Mag. Oil in my mouth for 20 minutes twice a day. What a wonderful difference it's making for my gums and teeth. The pockets are closing, gums firming up, and the teeth are whiter and cleaner than I could ever get them by oil pulling using Sesame Seed oil.

Guy Meiners


I have been having Atrial Fibrillation since 1999. Cause unknown. I was 60 when it began. We were traveling as my husband had retired. I believe it was caused by breathing the fine particulates from vehicle exhaust. Monday, 01-26-09, I saw my Cardiologist and was told I am fine. However, I went into AF at about 12 noon. The beast had struck again!!. Last time, two weeks ago, it lasted 60 hours. Anyone with this problems knows the fear we live with. Especially Stroke. I cannot take Coumadin. I have been taking many supplements +oral Magnesium at 800 mg a day along with an antiarrythimic to make life bearable. We picked up the mail and there was my package with the Prehistoric Mag Oil. Since I was already in AF, I thought to try it and see what happens. I sprayed it onto my feet, hands, and left breast and armpits. Even a small spray under my tongue to speed it into my system. Surprisingly, instead of the 140+ heart rate, I stayed mostly at 96 or less. I went to bed for a while dreading the next 60 hours. Waking from a nap, I was surprised how well I felt. Still fibrillating but at a rate of 76-89. The Rhythm was more stable, not chaotic, with extra beats coming and going. ( I listen to my rhythm with a stethescope) Not the usual dizziness nor shortness of breath. I could continue my usual activities. Night came, then morning. Still in AF. But pulse at 76 and blood pressure very good. Around 8:45 AM I was back to my 65. (Have Pacemaker). Didn't even feel the conversion to Normal Sinus Rhythm. Was it the Mag Oil? I really don't want another episode of Atrial Fibrillation to find out but if it comes, the Mag Oil will be put to the test. I am using it faithfully with high hopes. Not using it orally now but will next time. Truly, the shortening of the time from 60 hours to <21 was a godsend to me.

Carol M. Peltier of Viroqua, WI


I've just started using the magnesium oil on my 7yr old ASD son. He's always tested very low in magnesium and I don't believe oral supplementation is doing that much. I put a few tablespoons of the oil in his bath water, and I also spray it onto my hands & rub it into his skin (tops of his feet & elbows). The reason I chose his elbows was because he's had this rash (large, bumpy, flesh colored) for quite some time. The magnesium stung at first when I rubbed it on, but after just a few nights, the rash is gone from one elbow and fading from the other!

Rose Langford


I have been using the mag oil on the pain and inflammation of arthritis in my knees. I have been rubbing lots of the mag oil on and around and under my knees, a couple of times a day. Also to get rid of both sinus headaches and also what I call "ME" headaches or headaches caused by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

I have been rubbing it under my eyebrows, on my temples, on my forehead and behind my ears and the edge of my skull around the sides and back for the sinus headaches and congestion (being careful not to get it into the eyes though) plus the top of my spine and into the back of my head for the ME headaches.

Also I broke out in boils a few weeks ago and have been rubbing it on them. The boils have been very painful the first few days as the tops come off and they seem to have what look like large pores all over them; but it does work.

Those baths are terrific! I am sleeping better,in spite of the boils, then I have in 10 years. By better, I mean I seem to sleep deeper and feel more rested, plus don't wake up as often at night and fall asleep easier.

My sinuses don't get nearly as congested at night now - they tried everything to stop my almost continuous sinus infections but nothing worked. I have been using a homeopathic mixture which does work; but I have to use it every night and after 4 months realized that it was costing me a lot of money and while I was sleeping better, it wasn't curing anything.

I rub it onto my gums - I have gingivitis. My gums don't bleed anymore. I get a lousy taste in my mouth sometimes; but spay it 3 or 4 times in my mouth and it goes away.

I also get swollen and painful glands in my neck -- didn't know I had so many glands until I got sick. Anyway; within 24 to 36 hours they will all clear up, after spraying the mag oil in the sides of my mouth and on my back molars,3 times a day. I have gone for so long in the past with swollen glands that I have forgotten what my face really looks like. I also squirt it onto the back of my throat when I get a sore throat now too - it goes away. I was surprised - I tend to be skeptical. In my experience, things that work for one person don't necessarily work for others -- but this magnesium chloride seems to be different.

Frequently the glands under my arms and behind my knees also get sore and swollen.I have been rubbing it on these glands and it has been causing the pain and swelling to go away. That keeps coming back but it comes back less and less and goes away quicker. I tried just rubbing the glands without the mag just to see if I could get the same results - but it didn't work.

When I first started using it on my face and neck it 'burned' or stung a lot so diluted it with filtered water by 50%; now doesn't sting anymore even with the undiluted mag oil. And my skin is much better; it does take away the wrinkles to a point. It sort of makes the skin smoother and makes the pores smaller. I have never found anything that truly does make the pores smaller before - those cosmetic face clay masks work for a few hours but my pores now seem to be permanently smaller.

It also exfoliates the skin. I know there are products out there in the cosmetic world that with much help from the consumer are supposed to do this -just never found one that worked nearly as well nor easily as the mag chloride oil. Can't remember when I last had such soft feet".

Shan Russell


To say the truth it is great and hope others find out that life is better when you can get what the body needs to feel great.

Sam Ulrich


I have been blessed to have ran across these products an will be buying them in the future...

thank you B.Lynn O'neal


I received my order very quickly. The purchasing process was simple. The product is amazing and has helped me and my family become much healthier, more focused and relaxed. I would definately recommend this seller and their products to anyone, their products are fantastic and I look forward to purchasing from them in the future.

Tesha Hanson



I apply the Mg oil to any area that is providing me with muscles soreness and/or stiff joints, etc. I also apply it to the back of my knees and inside the elbows and wrists (Lymph areas). Just the other day, a member had a muscle twitch and sprayed the Mg on the area and it immediately went away. Dr. Cannell states that 80% of the people in the United States is Mg deficient, Iodine deficient, and Vit D deficient. Also, after brushing in the morning and evening I swish the Mg in my mouth for about 15 seconds.
See - attached, and - www.puremagoil.com, www.winningcancer.com.
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The products are great!

Kim Dorothy Hickok



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