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"Deficiency of magnesium is associated with virtually every known disease:
heart attacks, diabetes, depression, cancer, etc. Oral magnesium
supplements are not easy to assimilate and many take
five years or longer to give results."

Dr. Norman Shealy

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Prehistoric Magnesium Oil™


Two hundred and fifty million years ago, toward the end of the Permian period, gradual shifts in the Earth's tectonic plates brought a jigsaw puzzle of landmasses together into one super - continent, Pangaea, where ancestors of the dinosaurs roamed in steamy tropics. A single tropical ocean, the Panthalassa Sea, surrounded Pangaea.

Tectonic plates continued to shift, the atmosphere dried, oceans evaporated and sea- beds were buried. Over the next hundred million years or so, Pangaea separated into the seven continents we know today.

Nature left behind a buried treasure, a secret until present-day understanding and technology allowed us to discover it fifteen hundred feet below the earth's surface, at a time when we need it most prehistoric deposits of magnesium whose bioavailability surpasses any other form and it is right here in the United States!

We have learned volumes of information about nutrition during the past hundred years. We've experimented extensively with ways to feed a burgeoning world population. In most cases the short-term advantages were beneficial, while harmful side effects were so gradual that relatively few people are seriously concerned even today.

Magnesium is essential if the body is to produce and store energy. It is responsible for heart health, nervous system health, kidney and liver health, immune system health and emotional health, to name a few broad categories. It is responsible for the activation of 325 different enzyme functions. It affects every cell in the body. Magnesium is so fundamental to bodily processes that a moderate deficiency can lead to a domino effect of malfunctions that eventually become life threatening.

Any substances not recognized by the body as food are identified as toxic, and must be removed. This includes chemical additives and preservatives found in our food, as well as prescription or over the counter drugs. Magnesium, together with vitamin C, plays a major role in the removal of these substances.

Yet magnesium has been mostly ignored by traditional medicine, and the fact that modern agricultural and food-processing practices have left most of the industrialized world magnesium deficient raises no alarms.

Mother Nature has spent countless millennia perfecting our access to vibrant survival, her number one priority. When foods are cared for as Nature intended, we have an abundance of nutrients for long, healthy lives, free of chronic aches, pains, and deterioration, with intricate mechanisms for healing any illness that may overtake us temporarily.

But Mother Nature's patience has been overridden by human ingenuity, and we've ignored her lessons.

The advent of chemical fertilizers at the end of World War II was hailed as a breakthrough. All we needed to grow plants that looked good and grew quickly was nitrogen, phosphorus and potash (potassium). We saw no need to return depleted magnesium and several dozen trace minerals found in organic soil.

The result has been that magnesium has become seriously deficient in our plant foods as well as in the animals and animal products we use for food.

The irony is that magnesium is also essential to all plant life. Chlorophyll is almost identical to the hemin in our hemoglobin, with one exception - hemin is bound by an atom of iron, but chlorophyll is bound by magnesium
Thousands of years ago our diets contained an abundance of magnesium from grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Our bodies conserved calcium because it was harder to come by. Our bodies haven't changed but our diets have reversed. We eat more dairy than vegetables, and the calcium, which contracts muscles, is not balanced with magnesium, which relaxes them. That leads to heart problems and inappropriate calcium deposits.

Today we average 20 to 30% less magnesium in our diets than we did at the turn of the 20th Century.

68% of Americans do not consume the Recommended Daily Allowance. Processed and fast foods are consistently low in magnesium. Cooking reduces magnesium levels, and consumption of excessive sugar or alcohol causes excretion of magnesium. We have less and less magnesium available to our bodies when we have to replace more and more.
Several forms of magnesium have been produced as nutritional supplements, but there is a major drawback. The human digestive tract does not absorb isolated magnesium from capsules or tablets very well, and the unabsorbed portion left in our intestines usually acts as a laxative.

Now, however, we have a form of transdermal magnesium that bypasses the digestive tract and goes directly into the bloodstream by means of a liquid applied to our skin, the most visible organ of the human body.

After World War II, former prisoners of war returning to the States were so malnourished that their digestive tract could not absorb nutrients from food. Doctors tried rubbing nutrients onto the inner thighs of their patients, who began to rebuild their internal efficiency very quickly.

The general public did not pick up on the idea because vitamins and minerals were of little interest at that time.
Now we know much more about the importance of nutrition, and transdermal magnesium. Prehistoric Magnesium Oil™ is a step in the right direction. The objective is cellular saturation for maximum benefit, and this form of magnesium can be applied repeatedly with no harmful or annoying side effects.

Simply spray into the palm of your hand once or twice and massage the liquid into the small of the back, the inner thighs, even the face and throat, using care around the eyes. You can repeat the process up to six or eight sprays per application. You can use 2 to 4 ounces of Prehistoric Magnesium Oil™ in a footbath for 20 minutes, or 4 to 6 ounces in a bathtub of warm water for 30 minutes.

However you apply it, Prehistoric Magnesium Oil™ will - circulate to the location where it is needed the most. You may experience a Light tingling or stinging sensation (the transdermal action), which disappears quickly. You may want to splash the area with a little clear water. The kidneys normally excrete any excess magnesium, although there can be some over absorption in the case of serious kidney or gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Magnesium stimulates the immune system to greater activity by increasing the efficiency of white blood cells, the body's most important defense against bacterial or viral infections.

  • It relieves the pain of joint and muscle injuries, and it has a calming effect on the nervous system, promoting restful sleep.
    It is responsible for the prevention of osteoporosis because it keeps calcium in the bones.

  • Magnesium promotes cardiac health, lowers blood pressure and assists in both the prevention and treatment of diabetes and cancer.

  • It increases adrenal production of DHEA, and works to improve cognitive function, memory loss and depression as well as the physical ravages of aging.

  • Magnesium reduces the inflammation and systemic stress that are the results of many pathological conditions.
    It is crucial to the removal of toxins and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum.
    Magnesium is an essential component of skin rejuvenation. It hydrates the skin, improves elasticity, and increases its resistance to bacterial permeability.

As Mark Sircus, Ac., C.M.D., says in his book, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy:
"…we have a heavyweight non toxic medicinal nutrient that we can use without a prescription, because it is an essential food that the human body requires to function properly. Withholding magnesium from the diet is likened in importance to keeping oxygen out of the air that we breathe, and developing pharmaceutical substitutes to improve' our respiration… Transdermal treatments are applicable and effective for almost all medical conditions and situations and can be as quick acting as an intravenous (IV) drip,"


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