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"Deficiency of magnesium is associated with virtually every known disease:
heart attacks, diabetes, depression, cancer, etc. Oral magnesium
supplements are not easy to assimilate and many take
five years or longer to give results."

Dr. Norman Shealy



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“I have used Both Prehistoric and
Pacific Magnesium Oil's and the results
have been excellent. I continue to have
substantial improvement in the quality
of my life. I have a new physical sense
of well-being concerning my health
and it's economical too!"

Marv Bateman
Buffalo Bills - NFL All-Pro 76'


Atrial Fibrillation

I have been having Atrial Fibrillation since 1999. Cause unknown. I was 60 when it began. We were traveling as my husband had retired. I believe it was caused by breathing the fine particulates from vehicle exhaust. Monday, 01-26-09, I saw my Cardiologist and was told I am fine. However, I went into AF at about 12 noon. The beast had struck again!!. Last time, two weeks ago, it lasted 60 hours. Anyone with this problems knows the fear we live with. Especially Stroke. I cannot take Coumadin. I have been taking many supplements +oral Magnesium at 800 mg a day along with an antiarrythimic to make life bearable. I found Pure Magnesium Oil and after talking to Marv, ordered it. We picked up the mail and there was my package with the Mag Oil. Since I was already in AF, I thought to try it and see what happens. I sprayed it onto my feet, hands, and left breast and armpits. Even a small spray under my tongue to speed it into my system. Surprisingly, instead of the 140+ heart rate, I stayed mostly at 96 or less. I went to bed for a while dreading the next 60 hours. Waking from a nap, I was surprised how well I felt. Still fibrillating but at a rate of 76-89. The Rhythm was more stable, not chaotic, with extra beats coming and going. ( I listen to my rhythm with a stethescope) Not the usual dizziness nor shortness of breath. I could continue my usual activities. Night came, then morning. Still in AF. But pulse at 76 and blood pressure very good. Around 8:45 AM I was back to my 65. (Have Pacemaker). Didn't even feel the conversion to Normal Sinus Rhythm. Was it the Mag Oil? I really don't want another episode of Atrial Fibrillation to find out but if it comes, the Mag Oil will be put to the test. I am using it faithfully with high hopes. Not using it orally now but will next time. Truly, the shortening of the time from 60 hours to <21 was a godsend to me.

Carol M. Peltier of Viroqua, WI



The service from this supplier was great, item was shipped and received quickly. The order process was easy to use. I love the product and will continue to purchase from this supplier in the future. I use both products daily and have referred them to my family members and friends I know that have a need for this product. Very pleased overall. Thank you.

Judith Ann Gould



I received my order very quickly. The purchasing process was simple. The product is amazing and has helped me and my family become much healthier, more focused and relaxed. I would definately recommend this seller and their products to anyone, their products are fantastic and I look forward to purchasing from them in the future.

Tesha Hanson


The World's Finest Magnesium Oil!
Cold Filtered  for Exceptional Purity Plus Natural Trace Minerals

The Highest Quality for The Lowest Price!

Dr. Recommended - Patient Proven...

"Full Strength" Undiluted Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil

Our Magnesium Products are purified by an auditable company using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) with each lot number traceable back to its raw material and through the process and final testing. This Magnesium Oil electrolyte is not only used as our product but is pure enough to become a constituent of dialysis solutions for kidney patients as well as other pharmaceutical and food products. The raw magnesium material has been tested and qualified into validated processing which removes impurities to the parts per billion levels. All magnesium material used in processing is tested and retested. The company itself is audited by its own Pharmaceutical Customers on a routine basis and has earned the highest level of supplier evaluations in each case.

All natural sources contain their own unique set of impurities. As an example of a magnesium chloride that should not be your choice: magnesium chloride pulled from surface brine lakes that can contain everything from 40,000 ppm sulfates to organics from animals’ droppings. This is not the product that one would choose to use on the surface of their skin. What you want to take care in doing is to choose a product whose set of impurities have been identified, a product whose impurities have been removed down to the parts per billion levels, a product which has been purified, and a product that has been made by a reputable company who produces product with purity levels that qualify for pharmaceutical use. This is our product! This Magnesium product is sold to pharmaceutical companies all over the world and is considered one of the best products in the world not by verbal claims or by third party endorsement claims but by our world-wide pharmaceutical company’s evaluations and product reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. Clear Pristine - Exceptionally Pure Magnesium Oil.

Note: Some companies magnesium products do not have USA Certification.


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Prehistoric Magnesium Oil
Pacific Magnesium Oil

Recomended by

Adam Abraham
Editor and Publisher of
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy
By Mark Sircus Ac., O.M.D

Dr. C. Norman Shealy on Magnesium
Magnesium Deficient Symptoms and Major Diseases Associated with Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium chloride is one of the best kept secrets, not only in naturopathic medicine but in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms to save lives. This is actually an exciting medical discovery, that magnesium, one of the most common and most necessary nutritional minerals is an incredibly fast acting, safe and effective medicine.

Magnesium chloride treatments address systemic nutritional deficiencies, act to improve the function of our cells and immune system, and help protect cells from oxidative damage. It’s a systemic medicine as well as a local one bringing new life and energy to the cells wherever it is applied topically. Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common nutritional problems in the industrialized world today.

Magnesium deficiency triggers or causes the following conditions:

• Anxiety and Panic attacks- Magnesium (Mg) normally keeps adrenal stress hormones under control.

• Asthma- Both histamine production and bronchial spasms increase with Mg deficiency.

• Blood clots- Mg has an important role to play in preventing blood clots and keeping the blood thin-much like aspirin but without the side effects.

• Bowel disease- Mg deficiency slows down the bowel causing constipation, which could lead to toxicity and mal absorption of nutrients, as well as colitis.

• Cystitis- Bladder spasms are worsened by Mg deficiency.

• Depression-Serotonin, which elevates moods, is dependent on Mg. A Mg-deficient brain is also more susceptible to allergens, foreign substances that can cause symptoms similar to mental illness.

• Detoxification- Mg is crucial for the removal of toxic substances and heavy metals such as aluminum and lead.

• Diabetes- Mg enhances insulin secretion, facilitating sugar metabolism. Without Mg insulin is not able to transfer glucose into cells. Glucose and insulin build up in the blood causing various types of tissue damage.

• Fatigue- Mg-deficient patients commonly experience fatigue because dozens of enzyme systems are under-functioning. An early symptom of Mg deficiency is frequently fatigue.

• Heart disease- Mg deficiency is common in people with heart disease. Mg is administered in hospitals for acute myocardial infarction and cardiac arrhythmia. Like any other muscle, the heart muscle requires Mg. Mg is also used to treat angina, or chest pain.

• Hypertension- With insufficient Mg, spasm of blood vessels and high cholesterol occur, both of which lead to blood pressure problems.

• Hypoglycemia- Mg keeps insulin under control; without Mg episodes of low blood sugar can result.

• Insomnia, RLS, Sleeping Disorders - Sleep-regulating melatonin production is disturbed without sufficient Mg.

• Kidney Disease- Mg deficiency contributes to atherosclerotic kidney failure. Mg deficiency creates abnormal lipid levels and worsening blood sugar control in kidney transplant patients.

• Liver Disease leading to liver failure- Mg deficiency commonly occurs during liver transplantation.

• Migraine- Serotonin balance is Mg-dependent. Deficiency of serotonin can result in migraine headaches and depression.

• Musculoskeletal conditions- Fibrositis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, eye twitches, cramps and chronic neck and back pain may be caused by Mg deficiency and can be relieved with Mg supplements.

• Nerve problems- Mg alleviates peripheral nerve disturbances throughout the whole body, such as migraines, muscle contractions, gastrointestinal spasms, and calf, foot and toe cramps. It is also used in treating central nervous symptoms of vertigo and confusion.

• Obstetrics and Gynecology- Mg prevents Premenstrual Syndrome; prevents dysmenorrhea (cramping pain during menses); is important in the treatment of infertility; and alleviates premature contractions, preeclampsia, and eclampsia in pregnancy. Intravenous Mg is given in obstetrical wards for pregnancy-induced hypertension and to lessen the risk of cerebral palsy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Mg should be a required supplement for pregnant mothers.

• Osteoporosis- Use of calcium with Vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption without a balancing amount of Mg causes further Mg deficiency, which triggers a cascade of events leading to bone loss.

• Raynaud’s Syndrome- Mg helps relax the spastic blood vessels that cause pain and numbness of the fingers.

• Tooth decay- Mg deficiency causes an unhealthy balance of phosphorus and calcium in saliva, which damages teeth.

* Material excerpted from Dean, Carolyn. "The Miracle of Magnesium"
(2003 Ballantine Books: New York, NY), 2003. pp. 5-7.
Dr. Carolyn Dean is an acknowledged authority in both conventional and alternative medicine. As the well-known author of The Miracle of Magnesium, she is an expert in recognizing and treating the dozens of conditions caused by magnesium deficiency.

Dear Sirs,

Just to inform you that ALL products have arrived by now and that we are truly delighted with the quality of both the Magnesium Oil and the Nascent Iodine!

I had been struck down by Thyroiditis five years ago and had to learn quickly that as far as safe and effective treatment of low thyroid (and good health in general) was concerned, I was completely on my own. The only thing I, too, have overlooked is the paramount importance of iodine (many warn us against using it, claiming it does more harm than good!) to thyroid health and energy production.

I was one of those individuals who got sicker and sicker on hormone replacement with T4 alone (the standard of care in endocrinology) and was left to deal with the debilitating brain fog, the crazy body aches, and depleted energy states on my own. It was at that most painful time in my life that I desperately began my search for ways to restore my health (doctors tell you that your thyroid 'has burned out' and that one needs to be on artificial hormones for the rest of one's life, which I found to be simply too depressing to accept). In a relatively short amount of time, I knew more about thyroid disease than my endocrinologist and simply stepped out of conventional care. I began taking bladderwrack and a small amount of T3 with good results. But I knew deep down that my body was still desperately missing 'something', since my energy although much improved had never returned to 'normal' after my run in with thyroid disease. That is until now! My boyfriendand I are experiencing wonderful results with the Magnesium oil in terms of 'bone-deep' relaxation (versus the previously experienced bone-deep exhaustion and fatigue). We sleep like babies and our mood has risen to such a degree that you will catch us smiling most of the time!

Thank you for bringing such powerful yet wonderfully safe products to the market -- they are truly a blessing!

Our very best wishes,

Erik & Lilly.





"Magnesium chloride is a nutrient ... that belongs in every household in the world, in every doctor’s clinic and in every hospital."Mark Sircus Ac., OMD


Dr. Norm Shealy, has tested magnesium oil using it transdermally against oral and intravenous applications. He emphasizes that through magnesium transdermal use, DHEA levels raise within a short period of time. According to Dr. Shealy the best absorbed oral magnesium is magnesium taurate, but in his experience, it takes up to one year of taking oral magnesium to restore intracellular levels to normal range. But using magnesium oil transdermally, it restores the intracellar levels within four weeks.
Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (magnesium oil) is easy to use and it is extremely absorbable. There is no known danger to using magnesium unless you have kidney failure.


The Prehistoric Magnesium Oil lasts a long time. I apply it everyday and swish it in my mouth after brushing my teeth. Just had my teeth cleaned and the hygienist is impressed with the health of my gums. Mg is great stuff.
There’s another health change that I experienced and is documented. My calcium deposits in my Prostate had remarkably reduced. The only change was using Prehistoric Magnesiium Oil and Thyroid Nascent Iodine. The MD Oncologist was impressed. Had never seen this before. He said that, “you cannot do this with diet”. Typically, he didn’t ask how I did it. Witnesses to this were Dr. Harold Ravins and another associate Graham Wallace.
Best regards,
Dan Oelkers
Coach Prostate90.com


I have suffered with a patch of eczema on my ankle for years and was starting to develop patches of the same on my legs, and hip. I have used a number of prescriptions and creams given to me by my doctors for years with only temporary relief. After using your magnesium oil for two days I noticed immediate improvement initially. Within a week the patches were gone and have not returned. Nor have I had a need to use the oil since those first and last applications on days 1 & 2! It's been nearly a year now and I am totally satisfied with your product and have endorsed it to others I know with the same condition.

Kevin Castro


I have recently started swishing Mag. Oil in my mouth for 20 minutes twice a day. What a wonderful difference it's making for my gums and teeth. The pockets are closing, gums firming up, and the teeth are whiter and cleaner than I could ever get them by oil pulling using Sesame Seed oil.

Guy Meiners


My experience with this store was excellent! The website was user friendly and provided sufficient information for me to make an informed selection for my needs. Delivery was prompt and complete. I will be doing business with this store in the future.

Theresa M Mallin


I order this from Utah on a Monday morning and it was delivered to my home in Florida on Wednesday, I just can't find service like that. Then I e mail them and ask them if I should refrigerate the product and within 30 minutes they reply for me to keep it at room temperature and out of the light. I don't think there is a better company in America.

Bailey Dickens


I received my order very quickly. The purchasing process was simple. The product is amazing and has helped me and my family become much healthier, more focused and relaxed. I would definately recommend this seller and their products to anyone, their products are fantastic and I look forward to purchasing from them in the future.

Tesha Hanson


My overallexperience was perfectly satisfactory, and we are thoroughly satisfied with the products and results. I definitely recommend shopping here, as I will certainly will buy from here again.

Cynthia Wolf



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